“The Right For Education” Foundation’s new project for the scholar year 2016-2017:

Free career orientation training courses and rewards for students

  • “The Right For Education” Foundation launched the first career orientation training modules under the program “Scoala Altfel”;
  • Free registration;
  • Full attendance will be awarded with prizes by drawing lots;
  • These training courses are a part of the “Career Program – Going beyond Borders” European Project and were conceived in partnership with the Erasmus+ program.

Between September 2016 – June 2017, over 200 Romanian students will benefit of free career orientation courses held by the trainers of “The Right For Education” Foundation which was launched by OTP Bank Romania.


In partnership with the Erasmus+ European Project, “The Right For Education”  Foundation, which is dedicated to non-formal educational projects, developed differentiated courses for middle school and high school students. These courses are suitable for their age, as well as, level of education. Thus, starting with this autumn, students aged between 13- 18 years old, will actively participate in three or four sessions (middle school- 3 sessions, High school-4 sessions) of career orientation trainings. The length of each session is of 4 hours. The foundation’s trainers will guide groups of up to 10 students by using creative activities and a different approach to traditional learning.

The activities will consist in self-knowledge exercises especially designed for students which will help them to identify their own personal skill set, as well as, assist them in setting SMART goals in order for them to be able to fulfill their professional aspirations. With the help of the trainers, students will analyze the opportunities presented today by  the labor market and they will learn about effective time management methods , job interview presentation skills, effective communication methods and last, but not least, personal brand building techniques.

These training courses are adapted so as to fit the new structure of the scholar year 2016-2017.

This project aims to support the middle school and high school managers, offering additional activities relevant for students which can be held during the “Scoala Altfel” program.

 “The financial education training courses which we held in the last two years throughout the country registered a real success. The last two years of activity consisted of 126 free financial education trainings provided for 2000 students aged between 10 and 18 years. These training courses were held in partnership with 41 schools located in 18 different cities in Romania.

 The feedback of our participants is always over our expectations: <<You should open a center in which you should hold these sort of trainings>>; <<When will you visit our school again?>>; <<Why is it that we don’t do such activities at school?>>;  

The students are excited about the new information presented by our trainers and they want to take part again at this type of activities. We will continue our investment in developing the new generation and, at the beginning of the year, we will launch the new career orientation training courses. The faster students have access to such information, the greater the probability for them to became capable to manage their careers in a responsible way.”, László Diósi – CEO OTP Bank Romania and President of the Foundation “The Right for Education.

“We know that this project will register in Romania the same success as it did in Hungary, offering concrete solutions to solve some specific needs which were identified on the local labor market. All prerequisites exist: very well prepared trainers, specialists that contribute at the maintenance of a high performance standard of these trainers in the class rooms, training modules adapted to the Romanian environment and also a methodology recognized at the international level, based on researches of over 20 years and also on an inspiring and interactive teaching method who brings together concepts from psychology, communication and marketing.” , says Péter Schrankó, executive director of the OTP Fay Andras Foundation.

The career orientation modules are free and the registration can be made by both teachers and parents at the email address nouageneratie@okcenter.ro . Everyone who is interested can obtain more information at the same email address or on the foundation website www.okcenter.ro

The students that will participate at all of the 4 modules will automatically participate in a draw, having the chance to be one of the 3 high schools students that will win a 2 days trip to Hungary, at the beginning of December, while other 10 students will win an external battery for mobile devices plus the personal development book, “Inappropriate behavior. Birth of behavioral economics “by Richard H. Thaler.“

The Foundation “The Right For Education” launched by OTP Bank Romania, benefits from the 20 years of experience of the“Fay Andras”Foundation from Hungary and provides free financial education courses for students aged between 10 and 18 years, from all the country. From its launch until today, around 2000 students from 41 scholar institutions as partners, located in 18 cities from all the country benefited of the foundation courses.


For more details about the programs for the middle school and high school students, click on the following link:


Consiliere și orientare în carieră

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