“Can I transfer likes from my Facebook account to my bank account?”

 Youngsters can easily make confusions when it comes to the financial vocabulary. Although we daily talk about „money”, often young people don’t understand very well the circuit of money in our lives, how can they be efficiently administrated, how the bank can help them save or how they can access a loan.

You can help them! How?

Support financial education and redirect 2% of the income tax for 2016 towards the Right to Education Foundation. The foundation provides youngsters with access to free financial education courses, where they get familiarized with banking and financial concepts and mechanisms, they learn to efficiently manage resources and develop a responsible financial behavior.

 Contribute to their future and yours, in two simple steps:

  1. Complete the 230 Form with your data;
  2. Submit the form to the Public Finance Administration in your home area, up until May 25th, 2017.


Support financial education!

For their future and yours!