400 students from two high schools in Reghin participated to the financial education courses provided by the Right to Education Foundation. The courses were organized for the first time at local level, in partnership with Reghin Rotary Club, Reghin Community Fund – part of the Mures Community Foundation and the Youth Bank Association. Organized between January and February 2016, the courses aimed at developing the teenagers’ financial, economic and managerial skills, being addressed to students from “Lucian Blaga” Technical High School and “Ion Bojor” Technical High School.

The courses completed the list of actions undertaken by the Reghin Rotary Club Association in the last four years at local level, by supporting both pre-school and high school education.

“Education represents one of the most important fields in which Rotary Club invests, being active in offering support to young people in the local community, such as high school students, middle school students and preschoolers.”, said Mihai Badiu, President of Reghin Rotary Club.

Other two associations have joined the Club’s initiative to start the “Financial education in high schools” project, in Reghin, which is implemented by the “Right to Education” Foundation of OTP Bank Romania.

„The mission of both Reghin Community Fund and Mures Community Foundation is to create opportunities for organizations and individuals and to raise the standard of living in the county, by providing financial solutions for medium and small projects that have a significant impact in the community. This partnership gives us the chance to better know the local educational landscape and to think of future projects that arise from this opportunity.”, declared Ștefan Molnar, Program Coordinator at Reghin Community Fund

We share with you just a few testimonials received at the end of the program on behalf of the participants, teachers and directors of high schools:

„It is an important lesson for each of us, namely, pupils” openness and receptivity depend on how the trainer succeeds in gaining and keeping their attention and stirring their interest while delivering the content. We highly appreciate your trainers’ professionalism!” Costel Ababei, “Lucian Blaga” High School Director, Reghin

“An interactive training, focused on non-formal methodology and positive learning atmosphere. The pupils were enthusiastic, thrilled and curious about such an edutainment experience. I met optimistic trainers, so willing to share from their knowledge and so present in their interaction with teenagers.” Pompiliu – Teodor Ciupe, “Lucian Blaga” High School teacher, Youth Bank Coordinator, Reghin

“Pupils were delighted by the non-formal methodology used, enjoying each and every exercise.” Cristiana Pantelimon, “Petru Maior” High School Deputy Director, Reghin

“I am so happy I participated to this training, I did learned things that will be of great use in my life.” Pupil from the 12th grade, “Petru Maior” High School, Reghin

“The training session was of interest for everyone, as it transferred us knowledge about how to manage serious things in life, such as our money.” Pupil from the 12th grade, “Lucian Blaga” High School, Reghin

“I enjoyed the experience, as it was funny, creative and I learned so many things in such a short period of time. I wish we have more such interesting learning experiences during the school year. Pupil from the 11th grade, “Lucian Blaga” High School, Reghin

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