750 students from ten high schools from Bihor county will benefit from financial education trainings held by the Right to Education Foundation founded by OTP Bank Romania, within the project Be $mart, implemented by Good Life Performers Association and financed by Oradea Community Foundation. Be $mart project is dedicated to developing the young generation through the promotion of non-formal education and volunteering.

The educational institutions involved in this program are Don Orione High School and Mihai Eminescu National College from Oradea, Nicolae Bolcas Pedagogical High School and Ioan Ciordas Technical College from Beius, Nicolae Jinga Theoretical High School from Tinca, Teodor Nes National College and Technological High School No. 1 from Salonta, Octavian Goga National College and Horea High School from Marghita, Alexandru Roman Technical College from Alesd. Each high school will host two workshops, each of them with a four hours duration.

“Our financial education projects aim to develop financial and management skills among young people, because such knowledge can improve their professional and personal life. In order to help them better understand and apply the discussed concepts, the notions within the trainings will be taught in an interactive manner and in a language adapted to their age” said László Diósi, President of the Right to Education Foundation and CEO of OTP Bank Romania.

“We chose to implement this project in several towns and villages around Oradea city, because the need of financial education is more acute in these areas than in the big cities. The youth living in urban environment has more opportunities to participate to different trainings and events of this profile. Instead, the ones from disadvantaged areas do not have easy access to information and resources to prepare in this regard”, said Mark Lukacs, Founding President of Good Life Performers.

The most active students involved in this program will have the chance to win various prizes. Also, participants will receive at the end of the courses a Be $mart educational mini-guide, developed in partnership with financial experts, which includes advice about money saving, recommendations of useful websites and books and interviews with professionals from entrepreneurship and financial area.

The program closing event will take place on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, between 3:00 and 5:00 PM, at the festivity Hall of Mihai Eminescu National College from Oradea, where partners, sponsors, collaborators, people who wish to promote financial education and also young people interested in the topic are expected to participate.

Here are a few testimonials from the training sessions:

“I consider that within the three days of training, the pupils gained new learning experiences which they cannot normally benefit from the traditional school curricula.” Tudor Mirela, teacher and ingineer, Educational Councilor, “Ioan Ciordaș” High School

“The high schools pupils benefited from a workshop within which, through funny methods, learned how to spend their money in a smart way. At the end of this financial workshop, each pupil received a diploma and a financial mini-guide.” Iulian Paragină, President of the Pupils Council from “Ioan Ciordaș” High School, Beiuș

“I had a WOW training, I am determined to use what I have learned in my own life as an adult. You, guys, are doing a great job!” Pupil from the 10th grade, „Don Orione” High School, Oradea

“This seminar was very interesting and I learned how to cope with my future.” Pupil from the 9th grade, “Ioan Ciordaș” High School, Beiuș

“I want such activities to be organized more often, I really enjoyed the financial training and I consider it so useful!” Pupil from the 11th grade, “Nicolae Bolcaș” High School, Beiuș

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