Introductory presentation: Money and society

– Statistics: Tree of ages in Romania; Employment rate in Romania

– Inverted economic pyramid/RO: economically active to economically inactive ratio

– Evolution of loans in Romania. Effects on the financial situation of the population

Introductory exercise

Purpose of the exercise:

– Presenting the members of the group

– Creating a relaxed atmosphere

– Creating a sense of belonging to the group

Presentation: Wishes – Objectives

– Differentiating between wishes and objectives

– Strategy on the establishment and clear formulation of objectives

– Objective map

– Distinguishing between subjective perception and objective reality in relation to the setting of objectives

Exercise: Ski camp

Purpose of the exercise:

– Developing analysis and planning skills in the field of banking services and products

Participants will learn to recognise the possibilities and advantages of banking products and services.

Presentation: Family and professional relationships

Economic agents, movement of material and financial assets

– Types of economic markets

– Introducing the concept of economic agent

– Types of economic agents

– Needs of various economic agents

– Income. Type of income

Exercise: Family budget

Purpose of the exercise:

– Analysing the monthly budget of an average family

Exercise: Mikado

Purpose of the exercise:

– Participants will take the steps specific to financial thinking, from analysis to planning

– Developing skills to come up with a financial strategy starting from a pre-defined budget

– Developing risk analysis skills, having as ultimate objective the maximisation of profit

– Developing skills to communicate and cooperate in a team


Assessing the level of acquiring new knowledge, filling in the evaluation forms, delivering the certificates of participation