Introductory exercise – How do you see yourself in ten years?

Purpose of the exercise:

– Presenting the members of the group

– Creating a relaxed atmosphere

– Creating a sense of belonging to the group

Introductory presentation: Impact of values on our finances

– About the nature of values

– Money and moral ethics

Exercise: Auction

Purpose of the exercise:

– Defining the values of the group

– Simulating an auction

– Experiencing competitive situations

– Dealing with changing of the price-value ratio

– Experiencing change management. Making decisions in extreme situations.

Presentation: Nature of corruption. Causes and effects of corruption in Romania

– Defining the phenomenon. Examples of acts of corruption

– Public sectors affected by corruption

– Corruption at global level

– Corruption Perceptions Index

– Causes of corruption

– Measures against corruption

Exercise: Return to the past

Purpose of the exercise:

Students’ awareness of the following aspects:

– How the example set by you parents influences your own way of managing money. Elements taken from the example set by parents and the reference people in your entourage

– Changes necessary for a successful management of your own finances

Exercise: Feelings about money

Purpose of the exercise:

– Becoming aware of the fact that your own feelings about money affect how you look at money and the type of management chosen.

Exercise: Nut cracker

Purpose of the exercise:

– Dealing with a failure

– Managing failures

Presentation: Pocket money and its use

– Presenting the three lifestyles in financial terms: failed lifestyle, balanced lifestyle and successful lifestyle from a financial point of view.

– Saving strategies

– Strategies for balancing the income – expense ratio.

Exercise: Set up

Purpose of the exercise:

– Becoming aware of the most important differences of approach to money management between sexes

– Improving attitude to money

– Increasing tolerance to the methods approached by the representatives of the opposite sex


Assessing the level of acquiring new knowledge, filling in the evaluation forms, delivering the certificates for participation