We organised the first free camp in the history of our Foundation, in Sovata, between the 28th of November and the 1st of December 2015. We had 4 days of fun while learning and working in teams, we had contests on financial topics, and we even made time for swimming. Read below the impressions shared by our young participants straight from them:

“I enjoyed very much the Sovata camp held at the end of November. It was a great time, filled with adventure, new information and fun. The vibes were good, which meant a lot to me, I met people I could talk to and have fun with.

The organisers were very nice, we had talks on an equal footing and we had fun together. I found out information of interest to me, information that I could not have learnt otherwise, because, where I come from, people do not talk about matters like this. Best thing? The people I met. It would have been such a shame not to meet them.

The first day (Friday): it was a bit strange, because we didn’t know each other and we were a little nervous. But at the end of the day we ended up having awesome conversations.

The second day (Saturday): we got up early….too early for a weekend day. We spent a really enjoyable day, we even had some free time, talked a lot, and the activities, although a little long and with few breaks, grabbed my attention.

The third day (Sunday): it was the day when I had the best time. We had already got to know each other pretty well, so we were able to be more open to each other and …. we found the courage to really express ourselves.

These are memories I’m not likely to forget anytime soon, nobody in the group was looking down on anybody. I hope we get to experience more such educational events. I heard the other teams saying that they were looking forward to this, too….

Thank you so much for this camp. I hope you have time to put together another edition next year” Richard Barabas

“I met different people and I got different information and experiences that I’ll never forget and that already make me feel more knowledgeable. I hope it wasn’t the last event of this sort. Thank you!” Boglarka Vass 

“I gained a wealth of experience in this camp, I met young people my age from other parts of the country. Now I have a clear picture of the country’s economy … actually, I understand what real life is all about. It was a great experience for me. My team and I want very much to attend the event in Bucharest, in February. Keep us posted on the location!” Dezsi Marton

“My favourite was the banking game. It was difficult at first. I started doing better by the third round. Even though I never won, I’m not sorry, that didn’t put me off. Not only did I learn new stuff, but I also met new young people my age, I was lucky enough to play every time with people I hadn’t met beforeJ” Jozsa Erika Klementina

“We had another exercise that was both educational and interesting. We were divided into small groups: there were those who represented the bank, others represented the state, there were also some who represented a local business or even a foreign business. All teams had different responsibilities, even though the purpose of the exercise was the same for all of us. It helped us to realise what it meant to open up a business, how to come up with a business plan and what responsibilities that entailed. I felt that the exercise was really helpful, because I found out a great deal of information on how to start a business. The training on the evolution of money was also quite an eye opener. We learnt how to save money and make more money.” Kakucs Adrienn

See more photos from the camp here

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